First of all, let’s begin this question.

Why do we need test?

Let’s take a look at Kent Beck’s speech Ease at Work at Agile Singapore 2013 Confluence.
In his speech, he addressed these questions.

  • Why are programmers so often ill at ease with themselves?
    Difficulty, great effort, or hard work.
    Worry, pain.
  • What can we do to become comfortable in our own skins?
    Writing Test to ensure that what we code does what it’s supposed to do.
  • UX是指用户体验,简单点来说,是对用户负责的,目标是让用户用的开心、体验好。
  • UI的话,就是用户界面,UX工程师是将用户界面设计的更漂亮,但还是需要前端工程师,来将这些页面做出来
  • 前端小组不仅要将这些页面做出来,还需要将页面上的元素做封装,将一些常见的或复杂的组件做成核心组件,后期业务小组会直接使用这些组件,提高页面生产效率。
  • 前端小组还得在架构方面有所涉及,新技术的架构,老技术的架构,新老技术融合的架构。


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